Top 10 Voice Recorder App Let's look at some of the best apps that will help you work professionally.

In addition to the top 10 Voice Recorder App, shared articles about the best Android Games and Apps. Today I am going to publish the list of the best Voice Recorder App. 

You see, one of the most useful features of any Android mobile is the ability to record. Voice Recorder Apps are commonly used to record speeches, meetings, events, crimes, music, etc.

Android mobiles have Build Voice Recorder. But Build Apps have only Basic Features. So if you use Call Recording, then that's fine.

And if you want to record like experts, you have to find the best ones.

Because here you will get many additional benefits which you will not get in Build App.

So let's get started today without delay. Top 10 Voice Recorder App Review:

There are numerous Voice Recorder Apps in the Google Play Store. Finding the best out of it is a lot of hard work. So in today's list, I have put all the apps that have received the most positive rating.

Top 10 Voice Recorder Apps

1. Easy Voice Recorder

It is now the best and Top Rated Voice Recorder App in the Google Play Store.

This app is currently used by thousands of users to record audio.

An interesting feature of Easy Voice Recorder is recording audio even if it is off the screen.

If we talk about file support. Easy Voice Recorder supports audio formats like WAV, AMR, PCM, etc.

2. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is made with more features than Easy Voice Recorder.

Its sound recording quality is much better and with sensitivity. 

You can do a lot of work besides recording. E.g.

You can cut, trim, merge your recording.

3. Parrot Voice Recorder

In our list, it is a unique Recorder App.

Because this app allows you to use a Bluetooth mic in addition to the speaker mic.

Also, Parrot supports Android wear. There is more you can remove background noise or echo from your recording if you want.

After that, there is the advantage of working with tools like volume boost, bass boost, preset reverb, etc.

4. Rewind: Reverse Voice Recorder

If you are looking for an Android App to Record notes, Memos, Surveillance, this may be the best choice. 

Guess what kind of benefits the app can give you?

First, the app can run in the background. As well as being able to record what it hears.

Whatever the echo of the surroundings.

You can turn on the record by shaking or using gestures.

5. Voice Memos

Just like the name of the app.

This App has been created to record Voice Memo.

Voice Memo is more used by students to record long speeches. 


You can also use the application to record interviews or for session meetings etc.

There is a voice tag feature through which it will be easy to access at the end of the recording.

6. Samsung Voice Recorder

This is another best voice recorder app on the list designed to provide you with a simple and great recording experience. It is capable enough to record high-quality sound. But the problem is that it only works on Samsung smartphones.

7. Smart Recorder

If you are looking for something easy to use for Android smartphones, give Smart Recorder a try. Smart Recorder is a great app that you can use for high-quality and long-term voice recording. Smart Recorder has some advanced features like a live audio spectrum analyzer, wave / PCM encoding, etc.

8. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

The app provides users with one of the features that can be used to customize audio quality. Not only this, High-Quality MP3 voices can be recorded. It also includes features for uploading recordings to the cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. And because of the High-Quality Mp3 record and Cloud feature, it was also the best in 2020.

9. Call Recorder

It is basically a smart voice recorder and Caller ID application. However, the app can also be used to record native voices. The great feature of Call Recorder is that it allows you to store your voice in multiple audio formats. Such as AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3, etc. It has a Material Design interface which results in less RAM and cost.

10. Automatic Call Recorder

With an automatic call recorder, you can easily record voice notes and memos.

Not only that, the app allows users to instant chat on social platforms.

Or edit, delete, backup, and share voice recordings through Message Sending applications.

The app is very popular with Android users, and I used it for call recording.

Then the list of the top 10 Voice Recorder App is over.

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