Data is one of the most important things in today's world. Which can be a work or personal secret. Let's see how its security can be given simply.

Many of you may know that there is some Third-Party Software. With which Password Protection can be turned on in an instant. But I will not share any kind of software with you today. I will show you how to do this using the Build Feature in your Windows.

We who keep our necessary files on Pen Drive or Hard Disk should pay attention to security. Because if there is a secret file, there is a danger if it reaches the other hand. So for those who don't know this simple system, it will be useful to know.

First, insert the Pen Drive into your computer. And if you want to lock the drive, then enter your My Computer. 

Right-click on the drive you want to keep with the password.

 Select Turn On Bitlocker. 

Then you have to give the password. Click the OK button with the password in both cells.

Now you will be asked to take a backup so that you do not forget. You can also take a backup through any one of the above, according to your convenience.

I want to save in the form of the text, so I have chosen Save To File, determining where it will be stored.

Now select Encrypt Used Disk Space Only and click the Next button.

Select New Encryption Mode and click Ok.

If you have done all the previous steps correctly, just click on the Start Encrypting button.

Now it will take time to encryption; wait until it is 100% finished.

If you see the message above, then your Pen Drive or Hard Drive has been successfully Password Protected. Now when you try to open the drive, you will be asked for a password, and if you give it correctly, it will be unlocked.

I hope you like this little trick. If you like it, please let others know by liking, commenting, and sharing.

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